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Roman and Gladiator Rottweilers: Do They Exist?

    If you are wondering what a Roman or Gladiator Rottweiler is, you have come to the right place for an answer. There seems to be quite a lot of misinformation around this subject, so in this article, we will try to shed some light and give a definite response.

    The Roman and Gladiator Rottweilers are not proper dog breeds and are not recognized by any official association or kennel club. Nonetheless, these types of dogs exist and are often made by mixing together a purebred Rottweiler and a larger dog such as a mastiff.

    For some breeders, the name Gladiator or Roman Rottweiler is just meaningless marketing that has no substance to it. Others would like these dogs to be considered and registered by the various kennel organizations. In this post, we will give you all the details about this type of dog, so that you will know what to expect if you decide to adopt one.

    roman gladiator rottweiler

    What Is The Size Of A Roman or Gladiator Rottweiler

    Let’s start by saying that standard Rottweilers are large dogs that can weigh over 130 lb (60 kg) and have a height from 22 to 27 inches (56-69 cm). These are very powerful dogs that were used in Germany to herd cattle and pull carts with cut-up meat. The Roman and Gladiator Rottweilers are even bigger in size since they are bred combining a standard Rottweiler to a mastiff-type dog. They can weigh up to 165 lb (75 kg) and have a height of 30 inches.

    The Roman and Gladiator Rottweilers do not comply with the standards that the ADRK (the German Rottweiler Club) requires. The American Kennel Club has recognized the Rottweiler breed in 1931 but there is no Roman or Gladiator Rottie in its books either. In order for a dog to be recognized by one of these clubs, it has to have a traceable lineage consisting of Rottweilers only.

    What Is The Temperament Of A Roman or Gladiator Rottweiler

    The fact that the Roman or Gladiator Rottweiler is not a proper breed makes it very difficult to say what its temperament should be. These dogs are a mixture of a standard Rottweiler and another larger dog like a Neapolitan Mastiff or a Cane Corso. In order to try and predict the nature of a Roman or Gladiator Rottie, you need to investigate its origin and understand the temperament of the two breeds that have been mixed together.

    According to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, the character of a standard Rottweiler is calm, good-natured, obedient, and eager to work. He is very alert and ready to defend his pack whenever he senses an intruder or a stranger approaching. Rotties are intelligent dogs that make good companions and can be used for many different purposes. This doesn’t mean that these dogs are suitable for anyone though. They need firm leadership to guide them and prevent any unwanted or aggressive behavior. They also need to get a lot of exercise and be provided with mental stimulation so that they don’t become bored and destructive towards objects.

    Neapolitan Mastiff And Cane Corso

    The Neapolitan Mastiffs, despite their imponent appearance, are gentle and placid dogs. They are very affectionate to their owners and feel the urge to protect the people that live with them. They will defend their pack if necessary, but they are not at all aggressive dogs.

    The Cane Corso is another Italian dog breed that looks intimidating but is in reality very assertive and well-balanced. They are intelligent and easy to train but they need to be handled by a person who is firm and experienced. They are perfect guard dogs and they will defend the household from any intruder.

    How Many Types Of Rottweilers Are There?

    There is only one type of Rottweiler that is officially recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, the ADRK, and the American Kennel Club. You may have heard of other types or Rotties such as American Rottweilers, German Rottweilers, and of course the Gladiator or Roman Rottweiler. Unfortunately, these are not proper dog breeds and the only difference between a German and an American Rottweiler is that one was bred in Germany and the other one in the United States.

    Some people suggest that the German Rottweiler is different and better than the American one. Even though there is no official difference between these two types of dogs, the ones bred in Germany have to follow very strict guidelines in order to be registered by the ADRK. In America, there have been cases of indiscriminate breeding and this has impacted the quality of some specimens.

    What Is The Story Behind The Roman Rottweiler

    It is believed that Rottweilers descend from dogs that soldiers of the Roman Empire used to drive the cattle in the mountainous areas of northern Europe. These dogs were similar to mastiffs and they served very well as guard dogs. When the Romans had to leave their settlements in Rottweil, Germany, they didn’t take these dogs back with them. The Germans soon realized how good these dogs were and started to breed them.

    The breed’s official history begins in 1901 in Germany when the first Rottweiler is registered in the International Club for Leonbergers and Rottweiler Dogs. The American Kennel Club will recognize the Rottweiler breed in 1931.

    Can Roman or Gladiator Rottweilers Have Health Issues?

    If you are thinking of getting a Gladiator Rottweiler there are some things you need to be aware of. Since this is not a proper breed whoever sells you this dog will not have followed any breeding practices. This means that they will have probably just put together a standard Rottweiler and a larger dog to make people think they have created a more powerful Rottie.

    In reality, anyone who doesn’t follow the international guidelines for breeding a Rottweiler should not be trusted. It is quite common for puppies without a pedigree to develop health issues and have a shorter lifespan. They can develop all sorts of disorders like lymphoma, neurological problems, and heart disease.

    The mental health of a Gladiator or Roman Rotties is another aspect you should consider before bringing him home. While proper Rottweilers are selected to be calm, assertive, and well-balanced dogs, with the Gladiator Rottweilers you don’t have any guarantee on how they will turn out. You could finish up having a dog with aggressive tendencies that will be difficult to handle.


    The Roman or Gladiator Rottweiler is not a proper dog breed, as it is not recognized by the German Rottweiler Club ADRK or any other kennel association. There is only one type of Rottweiler according to the official guidelines for this breed. The names German, American, or Roman\Gladiator are usually used by unreliable breeders. The Gladiator Rottweiler is obtained by mixing a standard Rottie with a larger dog, such as a mastiff. There is no guarantee on how this type of dog will be when it becomes an adult.

    Owners might have to face health issues and mental instability, which can be difficult to manage with such a large and powerful dog. For these reasons, it is not recommended to buy a dog from anyone who says they will sell you a Roman Rottweiler. If you want a Rottweiler contact a certified breeder that follows the international guidelines and can provide a pedigree.