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Border Collie Malamute Mix. All You Need To Know

    The Border Collie Malamute mix has everything it takes to be an outstanding dog. If you are looking to get one of these pooches, there are some things you should know about the two breeds that make this mix.

    Both Border Collies and Malamutes are highly energetic dogs that need to be stimulated physically and mentally on a daily basis. They would be a great match with an owner who likes to go hiking or running. Be ready to go for long walks at least three times a day if you decide to adopt a Border Collie Malamute mix.

    In this article, we will give you the most accurate information possible about Border Collies and Malamutes. We will also give you an idea of how this pooch could turn out as an adult. When you are dealing with mixed breeds it is nearly impossible to have certainties about how they will be, but there are some very strong characteristics in both these breeds.

    border collie malamute mix

    Border Collie

    Border Collies are working dogs that were used to herd sheep along the border between England and Scotland. They are used for this same scope even today in many different parts of the world. These dogs are among the best at doing this job because they always remain focused and never get tired.

    The weight of a Border Collie can go from 30 to 45 pounds and it is considered a medium-sized dog. Their height is usually between 18 and 22 inches. They are very easy to train and just love to do as many things as possible with their owner. If you like competing in agility competitions, then don’t think twice and get yourself a wonderful Border Collie.

    Breed Characteristics

    Border Collies are among the most energetic breeds and this can be hard to handle if you are not an active person yourself. Taking this dog every day to a dog park and going for long walks is the absolute minimum you should be doing. Border Collies need to have a task to complete in order to feel happy.

    Engaging in mentally stimulating games with your Border Collie is also important for her wellbeing. It will also make her energy levels go down without too much effort. These are dogs that need space and possibly a house with a garden. If you live in an apartment, a Border Collie would not be a good choice. These pooches also don’t like to be left alone, even for a short amount of time. They often suffer from separation anxiety and can become destructive with objects.


    Border Collies have a double-layer coat and are usually medium shedders. This type of coat is typical of breeds that were originally bred in places with harsh winters. One of the two layers, the undercoat, is similar to wool. The topcoat is instead made of long hairs that protect the dog’s body.

    There are two different types of Border Collies. The ones with a longer coat on the chest and the legs and the ones with shorter hairs all over. These dogs are usually black and white, but they can be red and white, black and grey, three-colored, or all black.

    Border Collies will shed two times a year, in spring and in autumn. They will lose all of their undercoat so that they won’t suffer the heat of summer and will put on a brand new one just in time for the winter. Despite all of this, these dogs are not difficult to maintain. They need to be brushed with a good slicker brush at least twice a week. This routine will have to become daily during the shedding seasons. A stainless steel comb is also very useful to get rid of the undercoat more easily.


    Border Collies that have been bred by proper breeders are usually healthy dogs. The health conditions that affect them the most are:

    • Hip Dysplasia
    • Deafness
    • Epilepsy
    • Collie Eye Anomaly
    • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

    border collie malamute mix


    Malamutes are arctic sled dogs that were originally used by humans to travel around those snowy areas or to pull heavy carts. Today they can be seen pulling sleds mainly for recreational reasons. Malamutes are very strong dogs with a heavy build. For this reason, they are not great runners like Huskies.

    The weight of a Malamute can go from 75 to 84 pounds. These pooches are considered a large dog breed. Their height is usually between 23 and 25 inches. Malamutes can be good family dogs if properly trained. They have an independent mindset and need a calm but firm owner.

    Breed Characteristics

    Malamutes are considered a basal breed since their genetic lineage hasn’t changed at all for over two thousand years. These dogs haven’t been cross-bred with other dogs to make them more domesticated. This is why they are so independent and not easy to control. They have maintained their “wild side” and won’t obey your command just because you are their owner.

    Malamutes are very smart dogs but they don’t usually do well in agility or obedience competitions. They just don’t see the point in doing all that… They love and need to do a lot of physical activity, though. So taking them to places where they can run free is an absolute must. Malamutes are big dogs that have high energy levels, so living in an apartment wouldn’t be ideal for them.


    These dogs have a double-layer coat that protects them from the cold weather. The undercoat is soft and similar to wool, while the topcoat has longer hairs to protect the body. Malamutes will lose their undercoat completely twice a year (in spring and in autumn). The rest of the year they will always lose hairs, just a bit less. They are considered heavy shedders, so this is something to keep in mind if you want this dog. Be ready to have hairs flying around the house and all over your clothes practically all the time.

    Malamutes need to be brushed daily during the shedding seasons and at least twice a week during the rest of the year. Having the right tools can make a lot of difference. A slicker brush is the best one to remove all of the undercoat. A stainless steel comb is also very useful to get rid of the hairs and avoid knots. A Malamute doesn’t need to take a bath very often, especially if he is brushed regularly. Once every three months is more than enough to keep him nice and clean. If you want to wash him more frequently, this shouldn’t be more than once a month.


    Malamutes are healthy dogs, especially if they come from proper breeders. Nonetheless, there are some health conditions that can affect them. The most common ones are:

    • Hyp Dysplasya
    • Cataracts
    • Epilepsy
    • PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy)
    • Diabetes


    A Malamute Border Collie mix breed will certainly be a very energetic dog that needs to be stimulated physically and mentally. Both pooches that make this dog were originally bred for working and they won’t do well just sitting around the house all day. They need an owner that has an active lifestyle and likes going hiking or running.

    This isn’t a dog you can leave home for long hours while you are at work. It will probably suffer from separation anxiety, as most Border Collies do. A Malamute Border Collie mix will also have for sure a double layer coat, which means he will shed heavily twice a year. It will also be a very smart dog, like Border Collies and Malamutes are. You will just need to be a bit patient if he took after the Malamute for his character and have him trained from a very early age.