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Basenji Border Collie Mix: Is It A Good Pooch?

    A Basenji Border Collie mix is quite an unusual dog and it isn’t easy to find in shelters or through a breeder. If you love both the breeds that make this pooch and you are certain that this is the dog for you, then you need to be patient and keep searching.

    The Basenji Border Collie mix is a dog that needs to get a lot of exercise every day. It is a pooch suitable for someone who likes to go for long walks or hiking. This dog, in order to be happy, needs to be stimulated physically and mentally on a daily basis. Both the Basenji and the Border Collie are very smart pooches that usually need professional training and an owner who is calm and firm.

    Since the Basenji-Border Collie mix is not a proper dog breed, there isn’t any official document where you can read what characteristics it should have. In this article, we will give you the most up-to-date information about the Border Collie and the Basenji breeds, as well as what to expect if you get a combination of the two.

    Basenji Border Collie Mix


    The Basenji is a dog that originated in Central Africa and was imported to Europe only in the 1930s. It is considered a basal breed, which means it has a different genetic signature than the one of modern dogs. This is due to the fact that they never mixed with other dog breeds and have maintained their ancestral lineage to this day.

    These pooches have a height that can be between 15 and 17 inches. They can weigh up to 24 pounds and their life span is usually between 14 and 16 years. The Basenji comes into estrus only once a year, unlike most other dogs that usually have at least two cycles per year.

    Breed Characteristics

    The Basenjis are very special and quite unusual dogs. Unlike most pooches, Basenjis are not interested in doing things to please their owner. They are independent dogs that don’t like to be bossed around. In this aspect, they are very similar to cats. If you give them a command they might or might not do it…. it just depends on how they feel at that moment.

    This is why Basenjis are considered very hard or nearly impossible to train. Only the Afgan Hounds have a worse reputation when it comes to obeying. This doesn’t mean, though, that the Basenjis aren’t intelligent dogs. Quite the contrary in fact. These pooches have the ability to identify the actions that can bring a benefit to them and find no sense in blindly obeying a command. If that’s not smart, then what is?

    Another characteristic of the Basenjis is the fact that they don’t bark. They have their own way of communicating and that is by using vocalizations, howls, and yodels. This is why they are often nicknamed “barkless dogs”. These pooches are highly energetic and have a strong prey drive. They need to be taken in open spaces where they can run at least three times a day. Just going for a walk around the block won’t be enough for them.

    If their energy levels aren’t lowered with regular exercise, they can become destructive around the house. For this reason, they are not suitable for someone who is out working most of the day. Basenjis don’t usually get along with cats or small animals and they are also not very keen on being approached by strangers.


    Basenjis have a short coat that is considered very easy to maintain. They don’t shed as much as other dog breeds and even when they do, their hair is so fine that it is hardly noticeable. They are considered to be the cleanest pooches of all since they have a grooming routine that is very similar to the one of cats.

    These dogs don’t need to take frequent baths and going to the groomer three times a year is more than enough to keep them in perfect condition. You won’t need to spend much money on brushes either if you have a Basenji. A soft brush with bristles can be used on their coat once a week, just to make sure that not even one hair is in the wrong place.


    The Basenjis are healthy dogs that usually live between 14 and 16 years. This is nearly two years longer than most other dog breeds of the same size. There are certain conditions, though, that can affect these pooches, especially when they get close to old age. These are:

    • Fanconi Syndrome
    • Genetic Hemolytic Anemia
    • Retinal Atrophy
    • Malabsorption
    • Coloboma
    • Allergies

    The most common health issue with Basenjis is the Fanconi Syndrome. This is a disorder that affects the kidneys when they cannot reabsorb nutrients and electrolytes. It is a hereditary condition that usually manifests itself when the dog is between 4 and 8 years old. A Basenji suffering from Fanconi Syndrome will usually drink more water than normal, will need to urinate often, and will have glucose in the urine. Luckily, this condition can be treated and a Basenji with Fanconi Syndrome can live a normal life. It is important, though, to start the treatment at an early age, so that the kidneys don’t become permanently damaged.

    Basenji Border Collie Mix

    Border Collie

    Border Collies are one of the most intelligent dog breeds and probably one of the cutest as well. They were bred between the English and Scottish border and were used mainly as sheepdogs. These pooches have very high energy levels and need to be able to exercise a lot. They usually outperform any other dog during obedience and agility competitions.

    The Border Collie is a medium-sized dog that can weigh anything between 26 and 45 pounds. The maximum height for these pooches is around 22 inches. They develop a very special bond with their owner and enjoy doing as many things as possible together.

    Basenji Border Collie Mix

    Breed Characteristics

    Border Collies are energetic dogs that need to have tasks to complete in order to feel happy and fulfilled. They were originally bred to herd livestock in the early 19th century and they are still used for this purpose on farms today. If you have a Border Collie you will need to spend a lot of time every day keeping him occupied. Taking him running three times a day is the absolute minimum you can expect to be doing.

    These dogs are not suitable for living in apartments and having a garden is indispensable. Border Collies are also not ideal for owners who work and are out most of the day. They cannot be left alone in the house, as they often suffer from separation anxiety. They need to be with their owner or other family members most of the time and if this doesn’t happen they can become destructive.


    Border Collies are quite easy to maintain and won’t need to go to the groomer too often. They have a double-layer coat that protects them from the cold weather. The undercoat is short and similar to wool, while the topcoat can be medium-length and rough or long and soft.

    During the shedding period (spring and autumn) Border Collies will lose their undercoat and will need to be brushed at least twice a week. A carder brush is the best option to get the job done properly. During the rest of the year, they can be brushed on a weekly basis.


    Border Collies are usually healthy pooches that can live up to 15 years. In order to avoid health issues as much as possible, you should get your Border Collie through a licensed breeder. The most common conditions that a Border Collie can develop are:

    • Dysplasia
    • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
    • Epilepsy
    • Collie Eye Anomaly
    • Deafness

    Hip Dysplasia is the most frequent health issue with Border Collies. It affects the thighbone and the hip when they fail to fit properly into each other. This condition usually manifests itself when the dog is 7 years or older. Border Collies with dysplasia have difficulty walking and lifting up their rear legs.

    Basenji Border Collie Mix

    Is a Basenji Border Collie Mix A Good Family Dog?

    A Basenji-Border Collie mix could be a good family dog, as long as he is provided a suitable environment. Since the two breeds that make this pooch are both highly energetic, he will need to exercise and run at least three times a day. If you know that you will have to leave this mixed-breed dog alone in the house while you go to work, then you should opt for something else. Border Collies and Basenjis suffer from separation anxiety, so they need to be with someone all the time.

    The most interesting aspect of this mix is that the Basenji is the least obedient dog, while the Border Collie is the most obedient dog. There is no way to know if the puppy you get will be one way or another, but it could turn out to be quite an amusing combination.