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My Dog Keeps Sitting Down After Grooming. Reasons and Remedies

    It is not at all unusual to see your dog sitting down repeatedly after he has been to the groomer. Some pooches may not only limit themselves to sitting down but they might also drag their rear all over the floor. Most dog owners get quite worried when they see their dog acting in this weird way.

    There can be many reasons why your dog keeps sitting down after grooming but the most common one is due to an irritation of the anal glands. By rubbing his butt on the floor he is trying to alleviate the discomfort and soreness. He has to put in place this procedure because unfortunately, he doesn’t have a better way to scratch that part of his body.

    In this article, we will go through all of the reasons that can make a dog want to sit down after grooming. This way we hope to provide clear guidance for all dog parents that don’t know how to interpret this behavior. In some cases, you will just need to wait until the discomfort passes, in others, you might need to intervene and take your pooch for a check-up.

    dog sits down after grooming

    Reasons Why Dogs Keep Sitting Down After Grooming

    As we said there can be more than one reason why a dog keeps sitting down after having been to the groomer. In order to establish the specific cause for your pooch, you need to observe him carefully. Take some time and just see which one of the below explanations seems to fit better for your dog.

    1. Anal Sac Deasease

    Every dog has two anal sacs located in their rectum at about the 4 o’clock and the 8 o’clock position. These sacs have a large number of glands around them and they carry a foul-smelling liquid. This fluid is used by dogs to mark their territory and keep other dogs away. Every time dogs have a bowel movement these sacs release the liquid and get emptied. In some cases, though the sacs get clogged up and cannot be cleared out properly when your dog poops.

    If your groomer noticed that your pooch had unemptied sacs he might have tried to fix the problem by manually expressing them. This is a procedure that many qualified groomers do and it is usually of great relief for any pooch. In some cases, though it can cause some discomfort and irritation. This usually happens if the sacs get manually expressed too often and scar tissue begins to form on the glands.

    A healthy dog should be able to squeeze the glands and release the liquid inside of them whenever he has a bowel movement. If this is not happening and you notice his anus is getting larger and looks inflamed you should take him to the vet since manually expressing the glands may lead to severe infections.

    So if you notice your pooch acting as if he is trying to scratch his rear parts he probably has an inflamed anus due to the squeezing of anal glands. If the discomfort disappears after a day or so you have nothing to worry about and it can be considered a normal reaction. If instead, your pooch continues having this discomfort he might need to be treated with an antibacterial cream or an antibiotic.

    2. Clipper Burn

    Another reason why your pooch might be sitting down after being to the groomer could be that he has clipper burns. These can look like red lines on the skin of your dog or even as a rash. They might not be visible immediately after your dog has been clipped and they can show up even a day or so later.

    Clipper burns are quite common in dogs that have sensitive skin and they usually appear on the belly, on the rear parts, and the face. If you notice these burns on your dog your groomer has probably gone too close to the skin with his clipper or the blades were a bit worn out.

    The next time you take your pooch to the groomer make sure to ask him to change the clipper length so that he doesn’t go as close to the dog’s skin as he did previously. Usually, the clipper burns don’t last long and should resolve in a couple of days. There are specific creams you can buy that can help your dog feel better and get rid of the problem quickly. In case you notice that the clipper burn is still there after a few days and your dog is still dealing with discomfort this could be a sign of an infection. Take your pooch to the vet so that he can get the best treatment and feel good again.

    3. Feeling Uncomfortable

    Your pooch could be sitting down after being groomed also because he feels uncomfortable in general. It is quite common for dogs to have a feeling of unease if their coat gets clipped or shaved off. They have to adjust to the new feeling and for some, it can be a little traumatizing at first. Dogs that get their coat trimmed especially in the winter months might have difficulties adapting to the cold temperature. Some pooches not only keep sitting down when they feel this way, but they can also start shaking.

    This reaction often passes when the coat starts to grow again. If your dog doesn’t appreciate having his coat shaved, next time you could just tell your groomer to trim it. This way your pooch will still be gorgeous but won’t feel uncomfortable or cold.

    4. Bacterial Infection

    The last reason why your dog is sitting down after grooming could be because of a bacterial infection. This can appear after a dog has been clipped and the proper name of the condition is post-grooming bacterial folliculitis. When a dog is shaved the hair follicles are more exposed to bacteria. The contamination can happen even through the water used to wash your dog. That water has in fact bacteria that can attack the skin of your pooch, especially in the body parts that are more sensitive.

    The shampoo used on your pooch could also contribute to the irritation of the hair follicles. Your pooch might be intolerant to some of its components, so it would be a good idea to use another shampoo in the future. The bacterial folliculitis can clear up by itself, but in most cases, an antibiotic is needed. If you think your pooch has developed this condition you should take him to the vet so that he can receive the right treatment that will make him feel better.

    dog sits after grooming

    How Long Do Dogs Act Weird After Grooming?

    Most dogs don’t have any problem with going to their groomer. If they have been going there regularly since they were puppies they probably quite enjoy some of the relaxing treatments. As we know not all dogs are the same and for some going to the groomer can be quite traumatizing. Getting their coat shaved can really make them feel strange to the extent that they keep sitting down or they continue to lick themselves.

    Some dogs get over this feeling of unease in a few days or less, but others take more time to get back to normal. Your pooch could continue to act weird after grooming until he gets some of his coat to grow back. This condition should not worry you, but you should consider not cutting your dog’s coat that much next time. Just a trim won’t make him feel as much discomfort and he might start to enjoy going to the groomer.

    How Can I Make My Dog Feel Better After Grooming?

    If your pooch doesn’t feel great after being at the groomer there are some things you can do to make him feel better. If his discomfort is caused by the fact that his coat has been shaved off, you can try to make him feel better by putting on a little sweater or t-shirt. This will make him feel more at ease and will prevent him from feeling cold. Apart from that give him lots of cuddles and play with him. This way he will get distracted and won’t be thinking about his new hairstyle as much.