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How Much Do Chihuahuas Sleep? How To Deal With A Sleepy Pooch

    “How much do Chihuahuas sleep?” is a question that nearly every Chihuahua owner has asked or wondered about at least once. It is not at all unusual to be concerned when you see your pooch sleeping for many hours during the day. So if you are facing this same tantalizing conundrum, you are in the right place for an answer or possibly even more than one.

    Despite their tiny size, Chihuahuas are very lively dogs that love to play, run, and interact as much as possible. This way of being a bit hyper compared to other dog breeds makes them use up all of their energy quite quickly. For this reason, Chihuahuas usually sleep for long hours not only at night but during the day as well.

    In this article, we will see just how much sleep your pooch should be getting and if there could be other reasons behind his sleeping behavior. In some instances, your Chihuahua may be sleeping too much because of something you are doing or for an underlying health issue. We will go in-depth and nail down the main reasons your Chihuahua might be sleeping too much.

    how much do chihuahuas sleep

    How Much Sleep Should My Chihuahua Get?


    The amount of sleep your Chihuahua needs depends on several factors, but the most important of them is age. A puppy that is just a few weeks old can sleep up to 20 hours a day and after a few months, he might reduce this to 18 hours. Especially if they play a lot when they are awake or are engaged in high physical activities they will need to have a good rest to regain energy. There is nothing to worry about if your puppy is one-minute yapping and running like mad and the other just conks out. It is normal behavior for a puppy Chihuahua and the best thing you can do is not interfere with his rhythms.


    An adult Chihuahua is expected to sleep between 12 and 15 hours a day. This is more than what an average dog sleeps, which is about 10 to 12 hours a day. But then again, a Chihuahua is no average dog. They are hyper and just like to use all of their energy when they are awake. It is very common for an adult Chihuahua to just fall asleep anywhere even on the most uncomfortable surfaces. They don’t care where they are or if it’s day or night. Whenever they feel the urge to take a nap practically nothing will stop them since they literally won’t be able to keep their eyes open.


    An older Chihuahua will need extra sleep compared to a younger one. Don’t be alarmed if your elderly pooch sleeps for 16 hours a day. It is normal and also good for him. When Chihuahuas are 10 years old or more they usually not only rest a lot but they fall into a really sound sleep. It’s all part of the aging process so there is usually nothing to worry about. Your pooch will still love to play with you but he’ll just need more time to recuperate his energy.

    Is It Normal For My Chihuahua To Sleep All Day?

    Chihuahuas are known to be great sleepers so if you find your pooch resting for most of the day there is usually nothing to worry about. An adult Chihuahua can sleep up to 15 hours a day and if he’s 10 years old or more he could be sleeping even more. They are very active and energetic dogs and they just need to make up for the “power” they consume. Once they are fully recharged they will be as playful as ever.

    Only in rare circumstances, a Chihuahua that seems to be sleeping too much should concern you. If your pooch is sleeping over 16 hours a day then there could be something affecting him. The same can be said if your pup suddenly changes his sleeping pattern and you can’t explain why. If something like that is happening to your Chihuahua it is best to contact your vet as soon as possible.

    Why Does My Chihuahua Sleep So Much?

    As we already said before, Chihuahuas have the tendency to sleep more than other dog breeds because of their high physical activity. They are just so energetic when they are awake that they need some extra sleeping time to recharge their batteries. It is absolutely normal if your pooch goes from running around like mad to rapidly becoming weary and falling asleep. Anything between 12 and 16 hours of sleep should not concern you, as it is just how Chihuahuas function.

    Should Chihuahuas Sleep With You?

    Chihuahuas are usually very attached to their human parents. They like to be with their owner as much as possible. This often includes at nighttime when you are sleeping in your bed. Don’t be at all surprised if your pooch instead of spending the night in his own bed tries to jump up in yours. He may do this because he is afraid of something, feels cold, or just wants to be cuddled. Whatever the motivation is, there is no reason why you shouldn’t let your pooch sleep with you. It is your decision and you are comfortable with having your Chihuahua with you in bed that is perfectly ok.

    The only concern you could have is if you tend you move a lot at night and you are afraid of hurting your pooch. Chihuahuas are so tiny that they can get hurt quite easily. If you are an active sleeper the best solution is to have your dog sleep in his own bed but in the same room as you. This way you won’t have to worry about remaining still during the night and at the same time, you can enjoy your Chihuahuas company.


    Chihuahuas are used to sleeping more than other dog breeds. They tend to rest between 12 and 15 hours a day, while dogs usually sleep up to 12 hours. So if you are concerned about having a Chihuahua that sleeps a lot you shouldn’t be. They are very hyper dogs and they sleep to compensate for all the energy they consume when they are awake. Puppies and senior Chihuahuas sleep even more than 15 hours a day. There is usually nothing to worry even in these cases. As long as your pooch doesn’t suddenly change his sleeping habits it is absolutely normal for him to rest that much. If instead, you notice that your pooch all of a sudden seems to be more dreary you should take him to the vet as soon as possible for a check-up.