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Can Dogs Sense Negative Energy?

    The short answer to the question “can dogs sense negative energy?” is an absolute yes! If you are a dog owner, you shouldn’t have any doubts that this is true. You have probably assisted to numerous episodes during which your pooch just gave you the impression that he could feel that something was wrong.

    Dogs seem to have some kind of superpower that makes them understand if a person or a situation is good or not. It resembles what humans refer to as a sixth sense, an intuitive ability to know things that others don’t know. While the human ability to discern the real nature of a person is quite limited, most dogs seem to have this kind of perception.

    In this article, we will try to give further information on this matter and we will also consider the scientific side of things. We will see if there have been any proper studies about dogs sensing negative energy and if it can be explained. We will also see if there is anything we should do if we suspect that our pooch is sensing something bad.

    can dogs sense negative energy

    How to understand if your dog is sensing negative energy

    If you notice your dog acting weird when he is in a certain place or with certain people, this could be caused by the negative energy he is sensing. Dogs are very clever at understanding the type of atmosphere that surrounds them. Their way of behaving changes as soon as they feel that there is something wrong going on. Dog owners may not understand immediately what their pooch is trying to tell them, but they realize that something isn’t quite right.

    A dog that is feeling uncomfortable because of negative energy usually starts expressing his concern very clearly. Not all dogs are the same and the signs they give out may be quite different. More submissive dogs will likely tuck the tail between their legs, go and hide, or start whining. Dominant ones will instead bark, growl, and show their teeth, in order to frighten away the negative person or get away from a dangerous situation.

    One thing is for sure if there is negative energy around your pooch will try to communicate this to you. You may not understand it at first, but in reality, the signs he will be giving out will be quite clear. Dogs used to rely mostly on their instincts to survive in the wild. These instincts would make them aware of dangers, like another animal coming to attack them, or a change in the weather, like a storm approaching. Modern dogs have inherited this capability of feeling when something is wrong and they need to protect themselves.

    Can dogs sense a good person?

    Dogs are very clever at reading human body language and expressions. They can easily tell if you are having a bad day or if you are in a good mood. The same happens when dogs are with other people. They are able to understand immediately if the person is sending negative vibes just by looking at the way he’s moving his body or by his facial expressions. If a person is frowning, has lowered eyebrows, or has angry eyes your pooch will notice it and will try to get your attention.

    A dog cannot judge if a person is good or bad by understanding the moral decisions this person has made, but he can sense if a person is nervous, angry, or fearful. He can see if the muscles of the face are tense, if you are looking away, or if you start sweating. They are great observers and they can smell any slight change in your odor caused by stress.

    According to recent studies, the fact that dogs can understand if a person is good or bad has a lot to do with their ability to smell pheromones. These are hormones produced by animals and they have a particular scent that changes according to how you feel. Dogs are able to smell pheromones and by doing that they can pick up on the mood of a person quite easily. Dogs don’t limit themselves to this, but they also have the ability to smell other hormones, like oxytocin, which is produced by the body when a person is feeling positive and happy.

    Can dogs see things humans can’t?

    There is no definitive answer for this question since there haven’t been any studies on the matter. It is certain, though, that dogs have heightened senses if compared to humans, like for example better hearing and better smell. Thanks to these capabilities, dogs can hear high-pitched noises and sense slight changes in smell. It could easily happen that your pooch gets alarmed because of a noise you could never be able to hear. Dogs are incredibly perceptive and they are able to feel things that humans just can’t.

    While some people may think that dogs are able to see ghosts or other entities, there is no proof of this. If your pooch starts to act weird and you don’t understand why he could have just heard a noise that is not in your hearing range. If your pooch does something, there is always a reason, but sometimes we don’t have the ability to understand because our perception of the world is different. Humans should, probably, trust their dogs a bit more, because they are often much smarter than us.


    “Can dogs sense negative energy?” is a question often asked by dog owners and the answer is yes. Nonetheless, trying to explain why dogs have this ability can be quite tricky, since there seems to be more than one reason. The most likely explanation is that dogs have more developed senses if compared to humans. They can hear better and they can smell more scents than us, so they probably can figure out if there is negative energy just by sniffing around or moving their ears. Their enhanced senses make them aware of things that we cannot even imagine, so we should pay more attention to the signs dogs give.