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Can Beagles Be Left Alone? How To Avoid Separation Anxiety

    Beagles are dogs that love to socialize with their peers and with humans. Being part of the hound family, they really bond with their owners and would never separate from them. Unfortunately, most beagle parents cannot stay all day with their pooches but need to go to work or go to appointments.

    Even though they don’t like the idea, beagles can be left alone for a decent amount of time. The amount of hours you can leave your beagle alone depends on various factors, like your dog’s age, his temperament, and how much training he has received.

    In this article, we will see how to prepare your beagle for this event and what to do if he develops separation anxiety. Most beagles will cope pretty well with being left alone if they are trained in the proper way. Only a small number will have issues when home alone, but we will give you some tips on how to deal with that as well.

    Can Beagle Puppies Be Left Alone?

    Beagle puppies can be left alone for short periods of time, but they need to be trained in the right way. The secret to success for beagle puppy owners is doing things gradually and having a lot of patience. You need to prepare your pup so that he can feel safe even when you are not there. One of the most efficient ways to do that is by using a crate.

    Even though they might look like little prisons for dogs, crates are instead very useful when it comes to providing a secure place for your pooch. Get one that is big enough for your beagle to walk around and make sure to put in it toys and other things he likes.

    You can start by leaving your puppy in the crate for 10 minutes while you go into another room. When you see that he is comfortable with that you can go back and give him a treat. Reward him only if he didn’t bark or whine at all. The next time you can stay away a bit longer, let’s say 20 minutes. If he doesn’t make a fuss at all you can go back to him with a reward.

    Some beagles will whine or bark when they are left alone in the crate. You should ignore this behavior and go back to your pup when he has calmed down. Even though this can be tough to do, it is essential otherwise your dog will know that whenever he starts crying you will go back to him.

    Can Adult Beagles Be Left Alone?

    If you just brought home a fully grown beagle and you are wondering for how long you can leave him alone while you go to the grocery the answer is… it depends. If your pooch is from a shelter or his previous owner couldn’t keep him anymore, he will certainly need some time to adapt to the new situation. It would be a good idea to ask the person who looked after him if he was ever left alone for any amount of time. Even if the answer is affirmative, avoid as much as possible leaving your beagle alone for the first days he is with you. After he has settled in, you can try leaving him alone for a short amount of time like 15 minutes, and then go on from there.

    If instead, your beagle has been with you since he was a puppy but he was never left alone you should try leaving him at home gradually. If he is used to being with someone all the time he will probably put on a bit of a fuss the first time you leave him alone. Giving him something he can play with and get distracted like a kong can be a real game-changer. Try stuffing it with something he likes so that he can play with it while you are away. By doing that your pooch will associate that when you go away he gets something good out of it, so it isn’t such a bad thing.

    Beagles that have been trained can be left alone for about 6 hours maximum. If left unattended for a period longer than that beagles could get stressed out and start having anxiety issues.

    can beagles be left alone

    Do Beagles Bark When Left Alone?

    Some beagles get really frustrated when left alone and to ease their discomfort they may start barking. There is no way to know if your pooch will bark or whine while he’s on his own. It depends on his temperament and the training he has received. If you gradually taught him as a puppy to stay in the house alone there is a good chance that he won’t bark at all. If you want to be sure that your beagle is behaving well while you are out you could put a camera in the room where he is. This way you can always check how he’s doing on your smartphone.

    Do Beagles Have Separation Anxiety?

    If your beagle hasn’t been properly trained to be alone he could develop separation anxiety. This means that your pooch will get very stressed out whenever you leave. He will probably start performing destructive behaviors. He could start chewing cushions, shoes, chairs, or anything else he finds soothing. Other signs of separation anxiety are excessive barking, whining, and even peeing or pooping in the house. If you have a beagle that behaves this way when you leave him you will need to see a dog behaviorist. This way you and your pooch will receive expert training on how to overcome this stressful situation.

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    Beagles are usually very friendly and they would love to stay with their owner all the time. This, unfortunately, is not always possible and there are times when they have to be left alone. The best way to go about this is to gradually train them when they are puppies. Crate training is also very useful because this way your pooch will have a safe place to go to when you are not around. The maximum amount of time your beagle should be left alone is 6 hours. If he is left by himself for more than that it is possible that he will develop separation anxiety. If you think your pooch is getting stressed out when you are not with him you will need to see a dog behaviorist for professional advice.