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The Best Leashes For German Shepherds in 2022

    When looking for the best leash for German Shepherds, you are likely to be overwhelmed with the choices available. Metal, nylon, or leather? Retractable, adjustable, or fixed?

    These are just some of the leash types you will come across either in a shop or online. Not to worry though, because after reading this guide you will have all the information you need. So…

    What Kind Of Leash Is The Best For German Shepherds?

    One of the main aspects to consider when buying a leash for your German Shepherd is that it needs to be comfortable for your pooch. It cannot be too short, otherwise, your dog won’t be able to walk properly and this could damage her in the long run.

    A good leash should be long something between 5 and 6 feet; this will help provide comfort for your dog and full control over him for you. German Shepherds are powerful dogs and you need to be able to gain full control over them in any situation.

    Very long leashes must be avoided for everyday walks; they don’t allow you to safely pull your dog away from possible danger. If your German Shepherd meets another dog he doesn’t fancy, you want to be able to get out of that situation safely.

    1. Mile High Life | Mountain Climbing Dog Rope Leash 

    This is the best leash for German Shepherds if your main concern is durability. In fact, this leash is made of mountain climbing rope and has a heavy-duty clasp with a classic leather connection.

    You can go hiking, swimming, running with your German Shepherd and this leash will always be in perfect condition for many years. You can choose the length of this leash since it can be 4, 5, or 6 feet long.

    The material from which it is made is very strong nylon of 1/2 inch diameter and leather, making this leash very comfortable for both your dog and yourself.

    2. Fairwin | Leather Dog Leash 

    The Fairwin leather leash is the strongest and most durable one of the bunch. If kept properly this leash will just never go wrong. It is made of genuine leather with a very strong metal clip that will keep your dog safely attached.

    The length of the leash is 5.6 ft and there are different widths you can choose from, between 1/2 inch to 1 inch. It can carry up to 500 Lb pull force, making it the ideal choice for dogs that are big pullers.

    You won’t have any problems controlling your German Shepherd with this leash and going for walks will be a relaxing experience for both of you. There is just one downside to this leash.

    As we said before, the Fairwin leash can last forever, but you must avoid getting it wet. If it gets wet its durability will be seriously compromised and it will probably acquire a funny odor as well.

    At that point, your pooch will probably fancy a bite of it and… goodbye to your lovely leather leash. So no rainy days, swimming, etc with this leather leash.

    3. iYoShop 6 FT | Strong Dog Leash 

    The iYoShop is a great value-for-money dog leash. It in fact has all the key elements of a good leash without having to spend a lot of money. This leash is durable, because made with nylon mountain rope and has a strong metal clasp to ensure long-lasting performance.

    It is also very comfortable to hold on to, thanks to the padded handle; this is a very useful feature for a leash especially if your dog is a puller. This leash is also ideal if you take your German Shepherd for walks at night because it is made with reflective material that will keep you both safe and visible.

    The iYoShop leash is a good balance between control over your dog and freedom of movement. You won’t need to have a second leash for extra activities with your dog, since you can easily go running, hiking, or swimming with just this leash.

    4. AUROTH | Heavy Duty Bungee Dog Leash

    The Auroth bungee leash is made of durable and sturdy nylon material. The length is between 4.5 ft and 6 ft when the elastic bungee is at maximum stretch.

    There is a very useful extra handle on the leash thanks to which you can better control your dog on busy sidewalks, bike lanes, or any crowded areas. This leash is thought of especially for large breeds as the German Shepherd, which can be difficult to control without straining your arm or wrist.

    The bungee works perfectly when you need to halt your dog without the risk of hurting yourself and it eases the pressure for you and your dog.

    5. Eco-Clean | Dog Leash for Large Dogs

    The Eco-Clean dog leash is a very good choice for large dogs that tend to pull. It in fact has an extra handle that will help you take control of your dog whenever you need to.

    It is a versatile leash that can be perfect if you take your dog to a park and then to a shop and you need to have two different lengths to comfortably manage both situations. The handles are padded, so you won’t be hurting your hand while taking your pup for a walk.

    The leash is 6 ft long and 1 inch wide, which is thicker and stronger than average leashes. It is made of reflective material that can be easily seen during night walks, granting extra security to you and your dog.

    6. Max and Neo | Reflective Nylon Dog Leash

    The Max and Neo is a very simple yet quality leash. It is made of durable nylon and it is 1 inch thick. It is designed to handle large dog breeds such as German Shepherds, since you can pull it, wet it, scratch it, and it won’t break.

    You and your dog can go together wherever you want with this leash. You can go just for a walk around the block, a day hiking in the mountains, or for a swim at the beach; this leash is really made for heavy use.

    It has a strong metal clasp and a padded neoprene handle which will guarantee comfort to your hand even if your German Shepherd is a puller. The stitching is made with reflective material which will give you and your dog extra visibility and safety at night.

    This leash comes in many different bright colors that will suit all tastes. One last, but very important thing is that for every leash you buy, Max & Neo will give a free one to a dog rescue. This is a really nice plus!

    7. Mogoko | Metal Dog Leash

    The Mogoko metal leash is the most durable of all leashes. It is made of chrome-plated metal that is guaranteed against rust, tarnish, or breakage.

    This leash could definitely last forever since even the clip is made for heavy-duty. The handle is made with soft padded nylon, which is very comfortable and you won’t hurt your hand even if your German Shepherd is a puller.

    The leash is 6 ft long and 0.48 inches wide; it is made especially for large dog breeds so to ensure a more easy and comfortable walk for you and your dog.

    Choosing The Material For German Shepherds Leash

    When it comes to choosing the best leash for German Shepherds based on the materials it is made of you have 3 choices: leather, nylon, or metal.


    Leather leashes are very strong and durable. They are also the most comfortable leashes to hold on to. If you have a large dog such as a German Shepherd you will soon realize how important this aspect is.

    The downside is that leather leashes should not get wet; so if it is raining or you are at the beach, you’ll need to use another type of leash. For this reason, if you have a leather leash for your dog, it cannot be the only leash you own. You will have to have a backup lash made either from nylon or metal.


    Nylon is the most common material for leashes. It is waterproof, so you won’t have any problems taking your pooch for a swim and it can be made in all colors including reflective ones. This is a great plus if your dog should ever run away.

    It will be easy to spot him even at nighttime. The only inconvenience with nylon is that it is not as durable as the other materials. This is why you will have to go for the thicker nylon leashes for heavy-duty; they are made to last longer than ordinary nylon ones.


    If durability is your main concern, then your best choice will be a metal leash. This type of dog leash will last years and years, or probably forever.

    What Type Of Leash Is The Best For German Shepherds?

    There are at least 3 types of leashes you will see in any pet shop: retractable, adjustable, and fixed. So which one would be the most suitable for a German Shepherd?

    Well, let’s start by saying which one is for sure unsuitable for any large dog: the retractable one. It is certainly very useful to be able to retract your leash if you don’t want your dog to go after a cat, but this is only true when you have small to medium-sized dogs.

    Try to do it with a German Shepherd and in the best-case scenario, your pooch will take you for a not very nice run, or worse you will completely lose control of him.


    A fixed leash is instead a good choice for a powerful dog; it gives you complete control over her and it will be less easy to get overbalanced whenever she pulls. The downside of a fixed leash is that you cannot give more way to your dog if you are going for a walk together in a park or hiking on a mountain.


    An adjustable leash is the best leash for German Shepherds. It has 3 or 4 rings to which you can attach one end of the leash and regulate it as you please. Adjustable leashes can be adjusted to be from about 1 meter to 3 meters long.

    Last But Not Least

    So now it’s up to you to decide which is the best leash for German Shepherds. Ideally, having more than one leash is a winning choice. Shorter leashes give you more control over your dog, so if you are walking on a busy street your best choice would be a short leather leash. If you love going on hiking trips or to the beach with your pet, you might want to consider buying a long leash made of climbing rope; this will allow both of you to explore the surroundings comfortably. You could use it on a harness made especially for hiking.

    Is Your Dog A Chewer?

    Another aspect to consider when buying a leash is if your dog is a chewer. In this case, leather leashes would not be the best choice, especially if they get wet after a rainy day. Also, nylon leashes that are not thick enough mightn’t last long if your pooch likes to take a bite at them. Remember that if a leash gets chewed by your dog, this will definitely make it less safe for him, and he could run away on a busy street. Your best choice if your dog is a chewer is a metal leash. This type of leash will always be the safest for you and your pooch since he won’t be able to stick his teeth into it.

    Not Too Cheap

    Just don’t go for the cheapest metal leash, because if it is not made with good metal such as steel or chrome, it will get rusty soon and you won’t be able to use it wherever there is water around.